A/C Smells

Does your air conditioner produce an unpleasant smell? Do you consider regular air conditioning checkups? Well, this must be one you should consider. To have an unpleasant odor from the air conditioner can be risky to the health and the environment.

Eliminate the bad and unpleasant smell of an air conditioning system through hiring. Diagnosing the signs of bacteria, mildew, mold, or any pest problem that is residing in your air conditioning system can be easy with the help of A/C Smells.

Who are they?

A/C Smells

They are HVAC technicians, the right persons to call when those mentioned issues above are raised. Once it starts to create trouble in your air conditioning, it leads to an unpleasant smell that could just harm the air you breathe-in, but also create a disgusting odor that sooner or later causes damage.

These technicians can diagnose the reason behind that foul odor and do the fixing. There are different reasons of the causes of the foul odor, such as:

  • Musky and dirty socks smell. It is a common cause of bacteria, mold, and mildew buildup.
  • Rotten egg. It is a pest problem residing in the air conditioning system or somewhat dead rodent inside the unit.

These HVAC technicians offer both residential and commercial air conditing services, such as:

For residential:

            Air conditioning installation and repair

            Heating installation and repair

            Energy-efficient heating and air

For commercial:

            HVAC installation

            HVAC preventative maintenance

            HVAC repairs and more

All these are offered by A/C Smells, securing your private properties free from odor-causing bacteria and germs, and also supporting the lifespan of the appliances.

How do they clean the air conditioning system?

As a basic cleaning procedure, cleaning an air conditioning system starts at the finds from the inside and lets it sit before foaming for 10 minutes. Using a hose pushes the cleaner through the fins to the outside. Keep in mind that using a pressure washer can damage the fins.

However, if you are hiring HVAC technicians, they can clean the air conditioning system without damaging anything on its part. Also, they can check for possible defects to repair or replace. Yes, also provide repair or replacement on defective parts of the air conditioning system without any problem.

Some ask if it is safe to use spray water on the air conditioner during cleaning, then the answer is yes. Spraying water on the AC condenser can help run more efficiently. The condenser needs regular spritzing to keep working well.

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