Cannabis hemp flowers can be taken orally or vaporized via a handheld device. The latter heats the hemp flowers so that they release cannabinoids and terpenes. The oral mode is still the best in terms of benefits and timing. By taking the hemp flowers sublingually, in fact, the cbd flower enters directly into the bloodstream, without getting lost in the stomach.

How cannabis hemp flowers are taken?

According to scientists, first of all, it is necessary to shake the bottle and take a small amount of hemp flowers with the dropper.


  • Put your head slightly tilted back, open your mouth and lift your tongue.
  • Place the dispenser under your tongue.
  • Press the pipette to release the drops.
  • Count the drops. If you can’t handle the dispenser, help yourself with a mirror.
  • Do not swallow immediately but wait a few minutes for the hemp flowers to be more effective.
  • Smoking and food interfere with the action of CBD, which is why it is good to take the hemp flowers between meals and wait some time before lighting the cigarette.

How to adjust with the dosage of CBD hemp flowers

In order to evaluate what are the right quantities to take, it must be considered that cannabis hemp flowerss contain a greater amount of cannabinoid than flowers. The dosage also varies depending on the type of product you choose and the concentration of CBD for each drop.

In addition, factors such as weight, symptoms, formulation and concentration of the product, the endocannabinoid system and the chemistry of the body must be evaluated for a correct dosage. Read more on mercurynews.

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